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  • Mercedes E500 W124
  • 1994 and only 90,000 miles from new
  • Gorgeous, original condition
  • £24,995
  • The Mercedes W124 E-class saloon was the mainstay of the Mercedes-Benz range in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In order to inject a little sparkle into the range, and start to counter BMW’s M5, a team of engineers was tasked with creating a new flagship. The result was the 500E/E500. This combined the powerful, modern V8 5 litre engine from the SL with flared arches and lowered stance. It also had one of the more unusual production methods; cars were taken from Mercedes and shipped to Porsche for finishing several times during each car’s manufacture. On the downside this had to be one of the most inefficient production lines ever and resulted in the E500 being the most expensive car in the Mercedes range, on the plus side it took the legendary build quality of the W124 series a notch higher. The end result was always very highly regarded for its capability, stealth and rarity, and these attributes have only increased as they entered the collectors’ car world. Note that Porsche were so proud of their contribution that an example sits permanently in the Porsche Museum.EXTERIOR:This E500 is resplendent in the dark grey metallic sometimes called blue black or black pearl. I believe that it has had a full respray, but that this was done to a very high quality as the shine is superb and even, and there are absolutely no signs of overspray or masking edges. There are no dents, scratches or corrosion on the paintwork at all. The restrained body is set off magnificently by the Mercedes EVO-II wheels from the Limited.  As an example of the attention this car has had, the window and roof trims had faded but have been restored to original black. Underneath and under the bonnet is in the same sparkling and original condition, there are no signs of corrosion or oil leaks.HISTORY:I have always been an admirer of the E500 and owned one of the 20 cars originally special-ordered in the UK. As soon as I sold that car, I always wanted another! I bought this E500 18 months ago and chose to have it selected by an expert in Japan where these are more plentiful and where the climate is much more friendly to cars. This car was found after a thorough search, it had clearly been very well looked after. I believe it was originally sold in Europe before going to Japan as it has the much prettier European bootlid/number plate. As part of the import, it was also thoroughly inspected by a UK specialist before handover. No faults were found and I have now run the car for about 10,000miles. I am only selling now as I have an Alpina BMW E34 arriving. During my ownership a major service was completed by a renowned Mercedes specialist.


    There are no marks or defects inside, the leather, carpets and mouldings are all virtually as they left the factory, just a light patina on the black leather. There are no screw holes for old mobiles etc, everything is as it should be. Both the central cubby sliding lids are in perfect condition. The wood around the gearlever/window switches has a few cracks. All the electric fixtures and fittings work exactly as they should. As further proof of the legendary build quality, there are no creaks or rattles; this car feels like it is one year old.


    The E500 generally came in one specification. This example has had the Limited wheels fitted but is otherwise all original. There is a high-end Panasonic Japanese CD/radio fitted with high quality speakers.


    This car wants for nothing mechanically. The V8 hums delightfully when cruising, but on kickdown, its relentless shove is a surprise to most people, and is accompanied by a deliciously civilised roar. The gearbox changes gear beautifully, Mercedes’ reputation for automatic gearbox design was second to none in the 1990s. The A/C also works perfectly well. The suspension is firm but gives a good ride, there are no undue noises from any of the mechanical components.


    The EVO-II wheels from the E500 Limited are in extremely good condition and were fitted with 4 new Continental tyres less than 4000 miles ago. The spare is also a full-size EVO-II wheel.


    There are two sets of keys and handbook.

    In summary, you would have to travel a long way, and wait a long time, before you found a Mercedes E500 in similar condition. This car is testament to what the original build quality and caring ownership can do more than 20 years down the line. These cars’ low production run, exclusivity and execution will ensure that prices continue to retain their value at least.


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